Office Cleaning Services in Orlando

Maintaining a clean and productive workplace is easy with the help of Atlantic Cleaning Inc.'s office cleaning services. Our efficient janitorial team will work around your schedule to thoroughly clean your entire office space. From vacuuming the carpets to deep cleaning the office kitchen, our experienced team will ensure that your office is sanitary and your employees are healthy.

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Office Cleaning Assessment and Estimate

We base our quotes on the size and type of your office space. It all starts with a visit to your location where we will assess your needs. Choose from a range of services to create the perfect custom-tailored cleaning package. Whether your office needs a one-time deep clean or a pre-arranged cleaning schedule, we can help.

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Smarter Office Cleaning Services

More and more, businesses realize that a clean office is a productive office. Studies show that hygienic and sanitary work conditions boost morale and result in higher productivity margins. Atlantic Cleaning Inc.'s office janitorial service makes it all possible.

With full certification and rigorous training, our team of janitorial professionals is Orlando's top choice. We use a combination of modern technology, field-tested strategies, and a commitment to quality to offer the highest quality services on the market. Bacteria, dirt, dust, and grime are no match for our detail-oriented team. Our office cleaning services may include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wiping all surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms including toilets, sinks, door handles, and all other surfaces
  • High-traffic sanitation
  • Cross-contamination reduction
  • Specialty flooring cleaning
  • Floor stripping, waxing, and buffing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Office kitchen cleaning

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

We know as much as any business that it all comes to budget. To meet your budget requirements, we offer greater flexibility. Our goal is to make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied with our services—both in terms of results and the costs.

Get a quote from us and compare it with our competitors. You will quickly realize that, although we never sacrifice quality for cost, our prices are fair, reasonable, and lower than the competition. We offer an economical solution to office cleaning that's guaranteed to make your accountant smile.

Scheduled Janitorial Services

Many offices require weekly or even daily cleaning services. That's where our scheduled cleaning services shine. We are available for bookings throughout the week—day and evening—and on the weekends. We work around your schedule so that you can maintain your productivity throughout the working day.

What kind of cleaning service suits your business? We offer flexible plans that include:

  • Permanent on-site office cleaners
  • Daily office cleaning services
  • Weekly office cleaning services
  • Monthly office cleaning services
  • Bi-annual deep cleaning services

The Importance of Office Cleaning

There are many reasons why maintaining your office space and choosing professional cleaners to do so is important. Let's explore these reasons in some detail.


Whether you host interviews or meet with business partners on-site, it is important to create and maintain an air of order and professionalism in your business space.

Like it or not, first impressions can make or break your business. Employees, clients, and partners may choose to take their business elsewhere if they are unimpressed with your office's cleanliness. So, putting your best foot forward is crucial to your company's success.

Our experts know how to help business owners maintain a consistent level of cleanliness. Reach us to learn how.

Health and Safety

Traffic in and out of your office means that germs and viruses are always circling. Cleaning your office regularly will help mitigate the risk of sickness and eliminate allergens, bacteria, and mold from all surfaces, carpets, floors, and appliances.

The more often you clean your office, the safer it will be for you and your employees. Our cleaners always complete a thorough job to maximize the quality of sanitation.

Employee Satisfaction

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to attract and maintain valuable employees. A significant part of employee satisfaction is creating a pleasant working environment. Countless studies have shown that employees perform better and are generally happier in the workplace when it is carefully cleaned and maintained regularly.

Can you blame them? Nobody wants to spend time in a dirty, unkempt space. Let us help you make it enjoyable for all!

Friendly and Experienced Commercial Cleaners

When it comes to investing in your office space, why settle for less than the best? Our office cleaners have years of collective experience. We know what it takes to care for a business on a regular basis, and we will always prioritize your unique needs and requests.

Our team is friendly and accommodating. We are available to answer your questions, reschedule, or accept feedback whenever required.

We hope to grow a strong, trusting working partnership with all our patrons. Contact us by phone or email if you'd like to learn more!

Green Office Cleaning

If your company focuses on the environment, you want your cleaning practices to reflect your values. Our cleaning company is happy to offer eco-friendly cleaning for office spaces. Our green practices include:

  • Utilizing natural products
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals
  • Reducing the use of single-use plastics
  • Utilizing HEPA filter vacuums that maintain air quality
  • Recycling whenever possible

If you have your own approach to green cleaning that you would like our experts to implement, please let us know. We will follow your lead to deliver office cleaning customized to meet the needs of your unique business.

Choose Orlando's Best Office Cleaner

It's time to start taking hygiene and sanitation in the workplace seriously. We will help you achieve it. Gain greater productivity, morale, and a strong company culture with office cleaning services from the region's best janitorial company.

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